Paxton Access - Roll Call

Stand Alone 3rd-party Application for a Roll Call when a Fire Alarm event occurrs.

This application works continuously monitoring the people on-site and providing a status count. When a Fire Alarm event occurs the mode changes and the list of people is highlighted for those not yet swiped at the set Muster Points.

This Application may make your handling and reporting of such an event much eaier.

e-contact: email me for more details

Royal Caledonian Curling Club

A membership website set up for the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. Many facilities to help with the adminsitration of members, producing memebrship cards, contact between memebrs etc.


Inglewood Guest House

Need a web site for your own business. Then we can produce one as nice and simple as Inglewood Bed and Breakfast. Their business has increased with many more visitors from abroad.


Kongsfjord International Scuba School

Kongsfjord is at a latitude of 70° 52`, on the Varanger peninsula in Finnmark, Norway`s most northerly province. To the north there is the Barents Sea, which is part of Arctic Ocean, to the west and to the east there are deep fjords with steep walls that are exposed to moderate to strong tidal currents, which provide some serious drift dives.
More... is the main web site in the UK and Ireland for Open Golf Competitions, Golf Weeks and Passport Schemes.

Within the pages of the Regional Booklets and Web site you will find over 13,500 open golf competitions, and over 300 Golf Weeks/Passports.

Football Prediction leagues

A simple website to allow football predictions to be entered for competitive fun. Scores and results updated easily and with a single click the points totals are re-calculated immediately.

Montrave International

Montrave International look after golf programmes for several cruise lines, putting professionals on ships to teach, and also golf ashore with passengers at ports of call. Their web site has been updated to cover their wider range of services to the golf industry.

Real Scottish Butchers

Find a Real Butcher in your area by clicking on a map of Scotland, find over 400 butchers listed.

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