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The need for a secure password

With the amount of hackers and spammers about today you would think that having a reasonably secure password would be the sane thing to do? Having the same password as the username is not very adviseable. It does not take hackers long to break into a system.

Sadly, this has just happened to one of our clients on our server. Unfortunately this affects all users, for this we apologise for mail sending issues.
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Domain Name Registration

We have over 100 domains under our control for a variety of clients. The domain Name is the means to using your web site or access email. Our three servers provide a cost effective means to manage your websites and email.

We are members of Nominet and use for all other domain registrations for all you domain name needs.

We joined Nominet in 1996 and have been involved in domain registrations for the past 21 years, almost as long as the internet was born !

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Web sites getting attacked

It certainly seems to be the case that the attackes on web sites are increasing.

Over recent weeks we have seen a number of attacks which caused the server databases to hang up. These attacks are multiple accesses to the web site attempting to break in. Fortunately we have been able to contain these attacks.
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Usefull Tips

Quite often I come across useful links related to web sites and servers. I`m listing them here for my benefit as well as info for anybody else.
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Magento Shop tips

Some info I use about magento shop
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Pifacecad link

A simple static C library for controlling PiFace Control and Display.
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Installing other versions of PHP on centos 6

Just a record for me to see how to upgrade to PHP5.5 on Centos 6
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Raspbery Pi and Eclipse

Setting Up Windows Eclipse Programming of the RPi
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Sound not working on older Pi`s
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Change Cloudmin SSH password

Command to change sshd login password of remote server
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Suckit removal

if you get hacked, here is some tip for Suckit
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Easy way to remove SELinux permissions?

Many files have permissions which include a dot at the end,
>> e.g.:
>> -rw-rw-r--.
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Some dumb questions

While starting Iphone development I came across a number of areas where I got little help from the error messages. I am going to try and document them here as a reminder for myself. Scanning the online help made it look as if I was reading a russian language manual (I cannot read Russian). Where can I find the plain english version ?
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