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Information for your website

If you are planning to have a new website or plan to update your existing one using our services then please provide the initial information listed below.
This will help us get the basics of your website going while we work on the addditional features you may require.

Your customers will require some basic information on your business:

  • Welcome - describe who you are and what customers will see on your front page.

  • About Us - more details information about your business and your staff

  • Contact Us - your contact details and opening hours.

  • Information or Stories - provide items or news that you wish to show on your website. You can add to these daily or weekly as you get new items to add.

  • Products - provide a list of products that you sell with description on each

  • Images - supply images which can be shown in the gallery and also in the stories. You can directly uplaod images using the Admin section and save to these to a gallery

  • Front Slider - decide what images and text will go on the slider on front page

  • Footer section - what information and links would you like at the bottom of the page

We will use this information to build the menu bar and drop down menus for quick access to the website contents (this is typically the options along the top of the website). Identify further items in this list. For Example, another item on top level menu could be News for latest stories and `Gallery` for your images and photographs.

Information or stories

Infromation added to the website is saved in a story. The story can contain up to seven paragraphs of text and 7 images. You can supply us content by email for each story but you will be able to add or amend each story through teh Admin area.


For each product add a new story describing the product and upload images.


Images can be easily uploaded using our File Upload feature. Each image can be saved in an album name and date. Images can be moved to another album, a title or tags can be added. Multiple images can be uploaded at the one time.

Admin Area

We have developed our own simple web admin area allowing configuration, stories and images to be added or amended. We have tried to keep this area simpel to allow you to add a story and select images or documents to attach to the story.
This admin area is found at [ ]

/news.php :: /news.php?c=Support&sc=New%20Website&ID=2360