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Some dumb questions

While starting Iphone development I came across a number of areas where I got little help from the error messages. I am going to try and document them here as a reminder for myself. Scanning the online help made it look as if I was reading a russian language manual (I cannot read Russian). Where can I find the plain english version ?

1. Invalid Image Path

a) I uploaded AppIcon60x60 so why does it still show an error ?
b) where on the second image does it show iPhone/Ipod Touch ?
so how is one supposed to guess where these are ????

Question to Apple : are we mind readers ???
I guess I have loaded to the wrong place and not uploaded one I was supposed to.
It suggests adding the file to the resources bundle, now why did I not think of that ! so obvious - NOT
[I added AppIcon60x60 and that error went away,
which leaves 120x120]

Reference to file bundle missing icons

On the trail of the 120x120 error, screen matches up with filename of 120x120 error, tried also changing name to: ToDo-Small-40@3x

SOLVED: The actual solution for me was to delete the `App Icons` Source and create it from scratch again. Simple .o)

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