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Web sites getting attacked

It certainly seems to be the case that the attackes on web sites are increasing.

Over recent weeks we have seen a number of attacks which caused the server databases to hang up. These attacks are multiple accesses to the web site attempting to break in. Fortunately we have been able to contain these attacks.

To overcome this we have added checks on a number of websites to monitor activity. We have identified some features and functions which identify when an attack is taking place. By doing this the recent attacks have subsided quite substantially. For some websites we have banned certain countries.

No doubt the hackers will come back trying different angles. We need to be sure we continually monitor traffic and access. As we have seen in the news any sized company or corporation can be under attack. Therefore we do need to continually keep our eyes open on internet activity.

Always be careful and do not open unknown emails without double checking. Alwats double chekc the actual email address, don`t just asssume that an email from your friend `Joe Bloggs` is good. Spammers use a person or company name to make it look good but you may see that the email is actually Joe Bloggs < >.

If you use Virtualmin check that SSH is not compromised. Webmin | Users | View Login sessions

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