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The need for a secure password

With the amount of hackers and spammers about today you would think that having a reasonably secure password would be the sane thing to do? Having the same password as the username is not very adviseable. It does not take hackers long to break into a system.

Sadly, this has just happened to one of our clients on our server. Unfortunately this affects all users, for this we apologise for mail sending issues.

Once a hacker breaks into a system using an easily found username and password combination makes it extremely difficult to track down, as one can`t tell good access from bad access

We have spent the last several weeks tracking down some spamming through the system. We did find injected code 3 weeks ago and thought we had finally tracked down. We were able to do this through the rootkit checker.

However, in thelast two days, spammers were also sending through the system thousands of emails which led to `bad reputation` from hotmail and outlook. Hopefully we have finally resolved the issues but unfortunately it will take several days again to clear the reputation.

Previously we have seen the server on a blacklist but this time the blacklist itself was clear.

We must apologise for this, but it stresses the need to have passwords that cannot be guessed easily. you need to use letters and characters in your password (a..z 0..9 ?#@.,@ etc)

Please please ensure youre password is not simple, it is not just your account that gets affected

thank you.

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