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We provide a wide range of services related to Email and Internet access. We can provide simple and effective web site management facilities up to complex web portals. Our main aim and experience is in porting to online database systems.

Check out the Projects link above. We run our own dedicated servers, we are not a virtual ISP, so that we can offer you a complete package cutting out the middle man. It also means we have full control over our own hardware.

Eazy-Site Web Admin interface

Our Content Management System giving you the ability to update your own web site. Our facilities are aimed for projects that have a lot of stories or large amount of information.

Our eazy-site administration was originally developed in the year 2000 and in recent years has had a major revamp using responsive template and ajax javascipt for dynamic features.

It is difficult to quote you a price for your website due to the varying nature of information to be presented.

What we can say is that you will use the same backend eazy-site web admin portal for all the websites. Thus making it easy for you to pick up and use.