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We have some terms and conditions for use of our site.

Please note that domain fees have to be paid each year. Where invoices have not been paid then we do not automatically renew your domain until outstanding invoices are paid. This means that you could lose your domain, it is your responsibility to ensure that invoices are paid on time. We do send reminders but will not continually chase outstanding invoices.
  • We will aim to respond to you within 24 hours.
  • Any obscene material will mean immediate disconnection and NO refund.

  • Use of services on our server are only valid where the relevant fee has been paid. (a basic site does not allow you to use database or other facilities will not be be included in your package and hence unavailable for you to use unless an additional fee is paid). If you require a Database use then please email us with details.

  • Transfer of a domain from our server will be charged at £20 inc VAT (where you have purchased a domain/web site on the reduced rate).
  • We will have final decision on any aspect of services offered on our server. We will provide a 14 day notice period for any termination of service that has not been paid for.
  • We will do our utmost to ensure continuity of service, however at times the Internet and other service providers are outwith our control - and we cannot be held responsible. It is your own responsibility to check your web site on a regular basis, and to inform us of any problems. We will only take responsibility from the time when we know about any problems.
  • Where we are deemed to have failed in providing you a service we may offer you a refund or extension (up to the value of the original fee paid)
  • Back up of information is the sole responsibility of you the user. We will endeavour to backup data on a regular basis. However, it is your responsibility to restore any data that may be missing.
  • We will not be held responsible where equipment failure occurs and data and service is lost. Our aim is to have greater than 99% uptime for which we have achieved over the last 12 months.
  • Fees not paid by the due date of renewal will deemed to be required and hence must be paid in full (unless otherwise notified prior to the date).
  • Domains that were set up under special offers that are to be transferred or discontinued will be required to pay the £20 termination fee.
  • Domain fees that are not paid to us may mean that your domain will be released. we cannot be held responsible if your domain name is lost.
  • From time to time we have to update our services and will inform you of changes. please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure you keep up to date with the changes we provide.

Where you have a .co.uk or .org.uk domain these are registered with Nominet. Registering a .uk domain name involves making a contract with Nominet.

This section covers the aspects of the charges associated with domain name registration, renewal and maintenance.

When you register a UK domain with us we normally do so as part of a package, we don`t normally register just the domain name itself. You need to fill in our online form to apply to register a domain, the fees we charge include the registration fee of Nominet and any hosting and design work. These fees can be paid online via paypal or by sending us a cheque. Should our charges change we will inform you prior to to the renewal period.

Your domain needs to be renewed with Nominet every 2 years, and we do that automatically on your behalf, unless you tell us before hand to cancel the domain. We do this way to ensure that your domain is always registered in your name and that you do not lose it. It has happened in the past that someone did not reply to the renewal process and hence lost their domain. (and I do not wish that to happen again). On some occassions the domain and web site may be unavailable for a short period due to web server maintenance, our aim is for better than 99.5% uptime.

Should you be unhappy with any of our services then please email us as soon as possible via the Support page on our web site.