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Text Message Scams

Got caught out recently on a scam via an innocuous email (we think from Tesco - allegedly). We then started getting freee text messages (and subsequently ignoring them!) which all of a sudden turned into £1.25 text messages (despite one of the messages saying it would cost £1.50).

This allegedly seems to come from, though perhaps it may be one of their clients. However, treat these kind of companies with disdain.
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Don`t Change Bank Account details

I`m sure this is an obvious ruse these days, but you should think twice (or three times) about changing bank details of a supplier or customer.
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Paypal Account Statement Information email

Yet another scam supposedly coming from Paypal. Again very easy to identify as a scam with the email address as : .. < >
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Email verification notice

Here`s another scam just to get you worried about your mailbox. The subject "Email verification notice" looking as if it comes from admin
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Has your email and password been found ?

Do you wonder if your email address has been hacked on some remote servers ?

Do you get constant emails from scammers saying you have been hacked ?

Check this websout out to see how many times your email has been found by hackers
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Cancellation Domain Service Notice

I get these kind of messages in every week. They are not related to you domain name registration, Always ignore these.

I have no idea who these people are, they pretend to have your details in some directory (which they have copied from your website) and they want you to pay for it.

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Scams and Phishing getting worse

As most of you re likely fed up with the number of unusual emails coming in, I thought I`d document some that I receive. The aim being to show that you have to be very careful

The scammers are getting very clever.
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