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Cancellation Domain Service Notice

I get these kind of messages in every week. They are not related to you domain name registration, Always ignore these.

I have no idea who these people are, they pretend to have your details in some directory (which they have copied from your website) and they want you to pay for it.

They pretend it is related to the domain fees (domain registration fees with a registrar) and you should pay before a certain date otherwise you will lose "these services".

Nowhere in th ecorrespondence does it say what or where the services are hosted.

The information in the email is as follows:

FINAL REMINDER FOR DOMAIN Notice#: 283709274 Date: 01.23.2019

Dear brian duncan,
In the event that you allow domain service for to expire on 01.31.2019, the listing will be automatically deleted from our servers within 3 business days. After expiration, we reserve the right to offer your listing to competing businesses or interested parties in the same category and state/region after 3 business days on an auction basis to keep your website service active.

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