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Easy-site web admin

We developed eazy-site web admin 15 years ago to help make web site management simple. Recently we manage to get hold of the UK domain

Login to the web admin by [ clicking to easy site web admin ].

In the last couple of years we have had major engancements to cope with new technology and we hope it is easier for you to use.

The main access to the system is categorised by the top menu system which lists the Category and Subcategory items listed on the web site. When you create stories you use the Category and Sub category for each story created and the stories will be accessible through the meu options.

By default one of the categories will show latest stories on the front page of the web site.


Each item on the web site is a story. Each item can contain text, images or documents. When adding a story you can select which category (or menu item) it belongs to.

Each Story is listed under a menu option (e.g. News, Feature/Subfeature) and you select the Category and Subcategory when you create a story.

A story can be moved to another category by editing the story and selecting a new Category/Subcategory.

There are a number of paragraphs that holds text for each story. Typically we just expect you to type in plain unformatted text in these paragraphs (and the page will use the website underlying fonts) to display the information. You can add text to as many or as few paragraphs as you need. Selecting images will place each image between the paragraphs when viewing the story.

You can also associate one or more documents against a story. For example you can create a story which can contain a description about meetings and minutes. Then after uploading minutes (preferrably in PDF format) after each meeting, you then edit the Minutes Story, press the Select Documents button and select the PDF file. This file then gets added to the story and will be listed as part of the story (in date order descending).


The menus are setup in Configuration, menu file. It is done this way to make it easy to add or amend.
There are two levels of menu defined and setup using a # character for Category at the beginning of the line. A double ## means a Sub category which will pop up a subsequent list on the menu bar.

Typically you would set up similar to this format:
# -- Home --
# -- About --
# -- Support --
## -- Email --
## -- Help --
## -- How to --
# -- Location --


Images, pictures and documents are uploaded use the * File Upload * menu option. As mentioned there is a three stage process for the files upload.
1. Select the Files by using the ADD button or dropping the files on this page.
2. Upload the files using the Start (blue) button. (starts automatically as soon as you drop or select files).
3. Finish the Upload and specify which Album or Category the pictures will go into. Photos are dropped into Albums or Documents are dropped into Folders.

Documents can get loaded into folders and then selected to be appended onto a story.