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It won`t happen to me !

I always think it won`t happen to me ! However, it is easily done to fall into the trap. As you may know I`ve already included a couple of blogs about scams.

I received the following text message from "Revolut" :

Your OTP code is 0211. If you did NOT request this
please visit.

Now Revolut is someone I trust so I followed the link and enterred my personal details. As soon as I pressed ENTER I went OMG what have I done !
I then immediately froze my Revolut card and changed personal details. Fortunately no damage done.
It just shows that you trust a brand, however, scammers do it that way to make you fall into the trap !
Be careful and aware all the time, double check, never provide persoanl information !! even though you`ve just woken up and not quite awake.
I alsoe received this message from "THREE", but did not follow through
Your Three account is at risk to avoid service restrictions
please visit:

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