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Dedicated server setup

We use a variety of dedicated servers. Recently we have some from Simple and easy to setup using their online admin features.

One created the next step is to install an OS. Again this is easy by selecting INSTALL option and choosing CENTOS. You can use a choice of OS’s but we have used CENTOS for quite a few years and are very happy with it.

At this point you enter your credentials and passwords, don’t forget them !
The install process can take up to an hour so come back later.

The second stage is to load on web administration software. Our choice for many years has been [ Virtualmin ]. The easiest way to get the install script onto your server, is to login to your server and use wget or curl. For example:
# wget

Again this is a straightforward process using [ Virtualmin instructions ]. In the first instance we cna install the free version, Virtualmin GPL, howver, it is well worth the licence fee to manage the system when you have a few domains installed.

To log into the bare server using SSH we use [ Putty ] , a great TTY console program.

Once you have installed Virtualmin you will then have a web admistration interface to setup and access your domains. You would then go to
(remembering to use the IP address of your server) tpo login to the web administration interface.

The next stage is to consider the first domain on the server. Initially all you will have is an IP address therefore a domain name needs to point to this IP address.

Once you have registered your domain, use Virtualmin to `Cretae Virtual Server`. Setting up the domain uisn gth esteps below will provide all the fetaures you need for a basic domain to work on the server (website, DNS, mail etc).

More to follow.....

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