Access Database upgrade online

We have experience on getting Access Databases online. Upgrading and getting your PC based database to an online secure system where multiple team members can manage it.

Please it get in touch with us with your requirements. The first Access database we imported was for the Royal Caledonian Curling club for their Members website in 2008 [ ]. This has over 12,000 members and 600 plus clubs.

We are currently updating our technology to use more dynamic features, using a structured programming interface to speed up time to market. We are using this through our EasyDB web site [ click here ]picYour offline system will likely have some forms and selection mechanisms, these can be ported over onto the webs site application to work in a similar flow to your PC based App.

Importing your current data should also be carried out ensuring continuity of your process.

Setting up simple forms for enterring data on multiple tabs makes for an easier workflow.

picWe have just added another example of a database input function. It all depends on the functionality you require. We can easily import your access database into a secure online system.