Curling Club Scores database

I was match secretary at my curling club and decided to implement an online database system rather than use a traditional excel spreadsheet. Now I get league tables update immeditaley and well formatted.

The list of matches are entered at the start of season and scores are added by Skips just after each match. Results are typically enterred into the system by the winning skip. League tables are then automatically produced and club members can quickly see the positions in the league.

The Curling Scores database could well be used by any club, province or ice rink that is involved in Curling, just register and use the system.

picNormally the skips enter the results shortly after a match though a match secretary can be tasked with putting in the scores. The league tables are automatically updated.

Each club can setup up the leagues and competitions they have, providing the name of the league and how it is to be scored. Members for each game can be entered into the system using the online system. Some sample screen shots are given below.

Boreland Curling club, Fife in Scotland, results have been input since season 2009-2010.

Feel free to get in touch to see how we cna help your curling club make use of this facility. You will find it saves your match secretary valuable time and also provides timely information on league tables, matches and substitutes. 7 day and 1 day email reminders are also sent out ensuring that your members know when they are playing. An export to members phone, table or PC diary is also available.picpicpic

Email reminders

Email reminders are sent out to members 7 days and 1 day prior to a match. This informs the members who are in their rink (to help arrange travel), very useful as it informs rink members if there are any substitutions. An example email is shown below

This is a reminder that you are down to play the following match on the date and time below.
Skip - Please check your programme & ensure your rink are all available for this match.
Location: Perth.
Date: Mon, 18th Mar 2019.
Time: 8.30pm ( in 1 days time )
Match: Challenge.
Substitute Info: (In Rink): Eddie Morrison subbing for Phil Duthie

RINK 1 skip:
Skip: Baker, Ian
Third: Morrison, Eddie
Second: Duncan, Brian
Lead: Simon, Roy (Robert)

Sample Club information

A number of clubs are utilising this system, some examples are shown below.

-- Barbarians
-- Boreland
-- Dunfermline

-- Barbarians
-- Boreland
-- Dunfermline