Shopping Cart or Single Item purchases

In the last year we have worked hard on online purchases with (23,000+ PPV payments taken throughout the season 2020-2021).

The SFO implementation was based on creating a purchase from a fixture list. However, we have had requests for purchases of single items as well as the ability to purchase access for Video On Demand (VOD) season passes. We now have a simple implementation to allow you to generate a Paypal button that you can add to your website.

All payment responses from Paypal are handled as Instant payment Notification and then inserted into our database system. This information is then handled easily on the admin section of your website.

How to use

You just need a few parameters to setup.
1. A paypal business account, the email used to setup this account.
2. Product Name
3. Type/Category
4. Cost
5. Number - number of items to sell (0 means any)
6 .Notify URL - IPN return address to handle Paypal transaction receipt
7. Return URL - after payment has made, return to your website.
8. Subscription - would this payment be a subscription ?
9. Start Date - start date and repeat of the subscription.

Click onto your Eazy-Site Admin to get started. Contact us for further help.

Some potential examples

1. You wish to collect a payment for a subscription to your website ? Once they have filled in the entry form, provide a button to allow a user to click and take them directly to Paypal.

2. You wish to allow access to a private area on your web site, for example of historic Football matches. Add this button to your website and record the payments. Your main website will then use the database information of payments against a user to allow access.

3. You have a set of Football Shirst to sell, for example, you have 11 shirts that were worn for a particular testimonial you wish to sell,. setup the system with 11 Items and it will manage the purchase of items 1 to 11 (allowing people to choose a specific number- if available)

4. You wish to run a bonus ball competition. Specify the number of items to be say 59, and it will manage the purchase of items 1 to 11 (allowing people to choose a specific number- if available)

Paypal Account

Payments come direct to your paypal account, we do not handle any of your income. We get notified by Paypal using the Instant Payment Mechanism using the notify_url information (we supply this to your setup).

Your Paypal requires to be setup using these configuration parameters :