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Onvio Login and review documents

I received a message that I had documents to review and sign.

When trying to login and view documents I cannot do so ?
It is asking me to sign documents but there are no documents to review before signing. The documents appear to ask me to sign then review ?? No No, I want to review (and print) then sign !

First video is one attempt followed by second video with another attempt.
OK, another attempt (third video) sheds some light on this, thre is a `recent activity` link where it appears there is a list of documents (but these are deleted documents! so in fact not the documents I am looking for !). So that is not correct.
You have to go through the process of signing to review.

Why are the documents not appearing in my folder ? seems like a simple enough request to me.

I recall I used this once before and I ended up signing documents, then I was able to see them. I don`t need to sign documents until I have actually seen (and potentially printed) them. So teh solution is you have to go through the process of starting to sign the documents, then it allows you to view. Also please remember once you have approved all documents there is another "Approve" button at the bottom which you must select to actually finally approve the documents.

*** Outcome of this is that you have to `pretend` to sign the documents so that you can view them. Unfortunately you cannot print documents from the system until you have signed them. One (1) star for effort Thomson Reuters !!


Sample login

Another trial video

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