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Fife Business Awards - Finalist 2022

Delighted to be nominated as a Finalist in the Fife Business Awards through Fife Chamber of Commerce.

link to LinkedIn post.

We also recieved very nice feedback from our colleagues at Queen`s Park Football Club. Queen`s Park joined our OTT Platform this season on

We have gone through a huge digital transformation over the last few years providing dynamic technology for handling of websites.

Our largest project has been ScottishFootball.Online which was born out of ParsTV. Our other major project was the upgrade of the Scottish Curling membership database which we originally developed in 2008.

Our peak on pre-covid ParsTV was 250 viewers, however since our total re-design and upgrade our OTT Platform has had 3,000 viewers for one stream with over 70,000 users so far. With our new website we were able to easily handle the hugh increase in volume of viewers.

A couple of screenshots with an outline of our Admin section shown below. With high volume of users we needed to make it easy for our administrators to track and trace users in the system.
picpicOur other websites making use of this technology:

-- Scottish Curling membership database.
-- Craft Skills Scotland e-portfolio system.
-- DAFC Football Fans in Training.
-- Scottish Craft Butchers members site.
-- Q Guild of Butchers members site.
-- Q Guild competition entry submission.
-- Curling Scores online system.
-- Scouting Database.
picPipped at the post 🥲 congratulations to Jessop Jewellers for winning the Digital Transformation award.

Thanks to Fife Chamber and Levington for recognising our work over the last two years on our OTT Platform with a turnover of £500,000 😁 a great night.
 click to View: Fife_Business_Awards_2022_Programme.pdf