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Archive the Internet

The internet started in earnest around the mid 1990`s. About that time CompuServe and Aol provided email systems to help people communicate. In the early 1990`s bulletin boards were all the rage allowing easier communications across the globe.

It was around this time that a colleague and I started looking at this new technology and started to work together to see how we could develop the internet.

Our philospohy at the time at that time was `advertising` would be the key. We set up a company called "Web Advertising".

Our first task in 1996 was to help the local college, Lauder College in Dunfermline, to put their prospectus and list of courses on the Internet. We were able to help with this as we offered a novel idea of managing the information. We had new technology using a state-of-the-art Database system to generate the information and convert it into web pages.

This made the task for the college staff keeping the content up to date very easy.

One reason for mentioning this is the website archive system has been running for 25 years. It` aim is to track the internet as it progressed over the years.

If we track the development of Lauder College website we will see that it was first recorded on 6th February 1997. We can see it from this link .

with the Course Prospectus found on this link you recall the early days on the internet ?

Why not check out the website. They have tracked pages and websites since 1996.

I`m sure we have a backup somewhere of our website, but at least we found it on the internet archive.