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STRIPE Card Payments

We are currently working on Card payments using Stripe .

We have been very successfully taking Paypal payments for a number of years. In fact we have taken over 32,000 transactions in the last 15 months (at Dec 2021)

Our solutions will take the Stripe integration platform, integrate it into our database facilities and provide some new features to handle simple payments for a wide variety of tasks.

Software Foundation Ltd was established in 1989 by Brian Duncan to develop software projects. Over the years Brian has worked on a number of websites related to Dunfermline Athletic and Scottish Football.

Our first step into STRIPE card payments is the acceptance of money directly to Software Foundation. The next step is then to integrate each club or companies Stripe account to receive the payment directly.

In case you wonder why `` - it was decided that Software Foundation Limited was too long a name for a web address.

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