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Web site backup

We run regular backups of our website using a utility called `wget`

This replicates the website files and any files that have been uploaded (for example PHP, JPG, MP4 files)

The reason for doing this is to ensure that we have an almost live backup of the website should a very serious failure occur of the server. Should that situation occur we would setup a new server and download these files, which will restore the website fairly quickly.

We are also recommending that clients run the same mechanism, as we do, so that you also have a backup copy of the website and any associated files.

We recommend downloading both the files below. Select each file in turn, with a right-click and select Save As to download. Then copy, say, to your external hard drive where you want your back to be stored.

You will need to rename them by removing the ".txt" from the filename. Then extract the file to return the wget.exe file.

Place these files in the root folder of your external drive. You can run the batch file manually or setup to run say on a weekly basis.

The first time the batch file is run all the files in the public_html folder and associated subdirectories will be copied to your backup drive.

Subsequent runs of the batch file will download only modified files or new files added to the website.
 wget batch file

 wget exe file