RCCC members online database

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club required an online members database to replace an old PC based database. This has now been running successfully since 2008. After 12 years this web site is currently being re-vamped (to take account of current technolgy). The aim is to go live with the new website in April 2020.

picThis online database has over 11,000 individual members of around 600 Curling Clubs, each member able to amend and update their own details. RCCC Aministrators have complete access to clubs, members, Provinces and Areas. Scottish Curling did investigate using another database system from another organisation but with the facilities already built into they have decided to retain the services of 2mx.

Each year club invoices are generated and sent automatically to each club identifying the fees for each club.

Members can email all members within their club. Anybody can send an email to club secretary to allow that club to be contacted. All email addresses are hidden to prevent spammers getting hold of private information.

Competition entires and online payments can be accepted.

Yearly online Surveys for the AGM are posted to allow all mebers to vote on issues related to the Royal Caledonian Curling club