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Auction Web site

I was working on an Auction web site last year to try and help make it easier to auction items. I got sidelined on another task but I have recently revamped the site to help make it easier to use.

The purpose of the website was originally aimed at Sportmen`s Dinner where there are a number of items to auction and the need to get out to a wider audience.

picTracking and managing bids is done automatically helping make the running of the auction smoother. Emails are sent out when people have been outbid and at the end of the auction.

The site is live and available for you to auction any item or items.

An upgrade I will look at is where there are multiple items, such as Bottles of Whisky, and I can make that much easier to manage the bidding for such items.

Let me know if you have any interest in the site and I can help setup (which I have done already for some of the sections)