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Fake Emails and warnings

Just a reminder that you have to be very wary of all `legitimate looking emails coming in !

for example "" Warning: Verification Needed For email address"

Always check who it is from, for example check the From email From: < >

This email is very suspicious as it seems to be a random email not associated with our websites.

We setup a website to hide email addresses from Spammers. It is very simple to use. It allows potential customers to email you without knowing your email address. They can send you up to 400 characters of message.

There is no attachments or hacks in the email, as they are not allowed to be attached, you will receive a plain text copy message only .

The setup is this simple, click on the email-me link below to send me a test email and I will respond to you within 24 hours.

e-contact: email me

You can see this at the top of our website where the email envelope is.

[ -- link to Website to hide emails from spammers. ]

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