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Dedicated server from

Having run our own dedicated servers for nearly 15 years we came across last year (2018).

We purchased 3 small servers for a variety of small tasks, installed CENTOS v7 and used Virtualmin as the admin control panel. All very easy to setup remotely.

We decided to take a far more powerful server at an excellent monthly price.

-- Pro-4-M
-- Intel® Xeon E3 1245v5
-- 64 GB
-- 3 x 500 GB SSD
-- 1 Gbit/sec 300 Mbit/sec
-- Cost 32.49 € pre-tax

From the online control panel it was easy to install the OS of your choice, In our case we installed CENTOS v7 (installed and ready in an hour from a few minutes installation process).

The second stage then was to install Virtualmin GPL version. (process to follow)

Then it was just a case of creating a virtuial server (using Virtialmin admin to setup) and all ready to rock and roll !

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