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Lets Encrypt SSL certificates

Lets Encrypt are making it possible for everyone to experience a secure and privacy-respecting Web.

They make it easy to get certificates for HTTPS, because ease of use is critical for adoption and that is one thing we have found, it IS easy to get an SSL certificate.

They provide certificates free of charge, because cost excludes people. Their certificates are available in every country in the world, because the secure Web is for everyone. They strive to be open and transparent, because these values are essential for trust.

At 2mx we have used Lets Encrypt for a couple of years as it helps use get simple and easy to use SSL Certificates for our customers websites. They are free but we feel we have to support Lets Encrypt so that they can provide the service - see donate link below.

Please if you use an SSL certificate from Let`s Encrypt please consider donating to help them keep their services runnin, it does cost to run the service.

We also use Virtualmin for our Control panel. This we find very easy to use and provides a mechanism to integrate SSL certificates to all our websites. LetsEncrypt and Virtualmin is a great combination for website management.